Domestic courier services

Our couriers will accept your shipment and deliver it to every corner of Bulgaria – correctly, fast and with high quality.

In order to be as efficient as possible, in „Evropat” we divide the settlements in the country into three service zones.

Priority is given to First Zone, where the delivery time of the shipment is one working day, including Saturday – without additional cost of the service.

First Zone includes the main Bulgarian cities – the capital, the regional centers, the smaller settlements with a geographical strategic location. We expect from you to choose only the way you want to send or receive a shipment:

  • The most financially advantageous option for you is the „office-office” (codes 1 and 6 in our tariff), in which the shipment is delivered by the sender and received by the recipient at the relevant offices of „Evropat-2000” JSC.
  • In the case of „office-door” (codes 2 and 7) the sender leaves the shipment in our office, подателят оставя пратката си в наш офис and we have the obligation to delivered it to the address(„the door”) of the recipient.
  • In the case of „door-office” (codes 2 and 7) we pick up the shipment from the sender address and the recipient must search for it from the office of „Evropat-2000” JSC in his/her hometown.
  • The most convenient option for you is „door-door” (codes 3 and 8) – our couriers will pick up the shipment from your address and will deliver it to the recipient address.

In Second(codes 4 and 8) and Third(codes 5 and 8) Zone are included towns and villages са включени градове и села, for which the time of delivery of the shipment is from one to three working days, according to the established schedule. In these settlements the courier service is on the principle „door-door” – the shipment is picked up from the sender address and it is delivered to the recipient address.

For settlements outside our current tariff we offer service within up to 2 days after the date of acceptance of the shipment.

„Evropat-2000” JSC also offers you additional services:

  • Cash on Delivery – the sender requires the recipient of the shipment to pay a certain amount. we accept this amount from the recipient of the shipment and pass it on to the sender who requested it.
  • Declared value – type of financial protection. in case of a problem with the shipment, the sender will be compensated up to the amount of the declared value of the content.
  • Priority delivery – only available for settlements in First Zone. the shipment is delivered at a time specified by the customer.
  • Shipment with return receipt – the sender receives written notice that his shipment has been accepted by the recipient.
  • Shipment with accompanying documents – the documents (goods receipts, invoices, etc.) are presented to the recipient (for signing, etc.), then returned to the sender.
  • Purchase of goods – the sender transfers to our courier an amount for the purchase of goods, the purchase is made and the goods are returned to the sender.
  • City Express – only available for settlements in First Zone. the shipment is delivered on the day of its acceptance, with the possibility of delivery within 2 hours, up to 3 hours or by the end of the day.
  • Interurban Express – only available for settlements in First Zone. the shipment is delivered on the day of its acceptance, n case the transport scheme of „Evropat” allows it.
  • Rent a cooler bag – „Evropat” rents refrigerated bags for transporting shipments with a special storage regime, upon prior request.
  • Delivery of off-schedule shipments in Second and Third Zone – the delivery is made on a day preferred by the customer, different from the announced schedule in the current tariff of „Evropat”.
  • Delivery of a shipment from or to a settlement outside the tariff, within two working days