Human resource and its continuous improvement play the most significant role in the economic growth these days. Not surprisingly, lifelong learning and creating a competitive economy based on knowledge, are the basis of the revised Lisbon strategy for the European Union.

Our company fully manifest these beliefs and strives to provide its employees adequate working environment, opportunities for learning and expression. We fully realize that the most important prerequisite for providing quality customer service is continually investing to increase knowledge and skills of our employees.

Why should I choose to work at “Evropat”:

  • “Evropat” is a national company with representation throughout the country.
  • The team of “Evropat” is composed of energetic employees with expertise in various fields.
  • The company encourage initiative and dynamic environment offers many opportunities for expression.
  • “Evropat” seeks to develop employees through investments in training and project applications to different funds, incl. Structural Funds of the European Union.