Share our success and win – become a franchise partner of “Evropat”

two people shake hands“Evropat-2000” JSC, one of the most dynamically developing courier companies in Bulgaria, challenges you!

Our offer

We are giving you a hand with an offer for guaranteed profit as our franchise partner. What gives you this kind of collaboration – above all, the opportunity to win with minimal risk and investment, taking advantage of the right to apply ready-made and free developed, tested and successfully imposed concept of “Evropat” in the field of courier services.

Franchising is one of the fastest growing forms of doing business today, because it offers more security to the business venture and support from an established and experienced partner. Experts say that your business is much more likely to exist in 5 years, started as a franchise, rather than if you start on your own today.

Keep up with the times – both as thinking and as action!

Remember the old wisdom – the crisis gives birth to opportunities!

America is found, so is hot water. If you have the ambition to be the discoverer of the cure for cancer, our offer is not for you. But if you are just an entrepreneur with an active spirit, which seizes every opportunity for guaranteed success, you are probably reading these words. Take the beaten track with a good guide!

Why choose “Evropat-2000” JSC

Because we have experience, name and history. „Evropat-2000” JSC is one of the leaders on the market of courier services in Bulgaria. Established in 2005, today the company has an extensive network of offices, through which the whole country is served. We also provide international courier services for the Balkans, Europe and the world.

Our clients are government agencies, banks, insurance companies, media, business representatives from all areas of production and trade. Our popularity is growing among private consumers in Bulgaria. Заслуга за това е непрестанният ни стремеж да обогатяваме набора от услуги в интерес на клиента.

We specialize in the delivery of documentary and small parcels, as our activity is organized according to a scheme, thanks to which the shipments of our customers are delivered on the following day of dispatch. We have modern and environmentally friendly cars with which we reliably transport all shipments. We owe our good name to the quality of the services we provide, as well as to the competence of our employees.

The specific work

The courier work has two sides – acceptance of a shipment by the sender and its delivery to the recipient. The courier is the one to whom the customer entrusts his shipment, because he will take it, move it and deliver it with care and responsibility. This is what we promise to our customers – uncompromising quality. When you become part of our team, we will expect from you:

  • Acceptance of documentary shipments and parcels from residents in your city.
  • Delivery of documentary shipments and parcels to residents in your city.
  • Responsible mediation from acceptance to delivery of each shipment.

What do you start with?

Above all – with the ambition to conquer new business heights.

You will also need a suitable office with office equipment and internet access.

Before you begin, we will teach you our rules of operation and then we will hold after that you follow them strictly. The reason – our standards are a product of everyday practice and guarantee our customers the same service throughout the country. But because learning is an ongoing process, at any time of its activity, and especially in the beginning, you will be able to count on advice, support and understanding.

Probably if you were interested in franchise practices around the world and in our country, you understand that at the start of a franchise partnership the host party pays a certain amount for inclusion, as the payment of fees continues.

The good news: As a franchise partner of “Evropat” You will start your business without any contributions – neither in the beginning nor in the aftermath.

How do you earn?

Others may require you to be fully committed to the business for which you are being franchised. We do not expect you to abandon the cases you are currently dealing with. Working as a franchise for “Evropat” can successfully accompany your core business, by expanding the range of services we offer to your customers.

But the best part is that you don not even have to have another business. “Evropat” gives you the unique opportunity for self-employment with minimal material investment and risk. You will benefit completely free of charge of:

  • our clear and precise rules of operation.
  • the authority of our good name.
  • advertising of our cooperative activity.
  • компетентно обучение преди началото на работата и винаги след това.
  • our good reception, support, help and advice.

The courier business is not from yesterday. The fact is that every year the number of people wishing to perform courier services independently increases. But the number of bankruptcies is not small. In this saturated and dynamic competitive environment, your success is guaranteed only by the support of an experienced and correct partner – “Evropat-2000” JSC.

What do you win?

We will settle our relations in a contract, on the basis of which you will receive the amount monthly, which you have earned.

Your revenue will be generated based on a percentage of the value of each shipment received or delivered, regardless of who pays for the service – the sender or the recipient.

In addition to a decent income, at the end of the month you will be able to boast:

  • with confidence,
  • with self-confidence,
  • with even more happy customers,
  • with many new friends and supporters.

What can you lose?

If you pass with a light hand our offer, you may lose most of all the unique opportunity to be in the right place at the right time with the right partner..

Possible other losses, as well as all profits, are only a product of your initiative.


If our franchise partnership offer arouses your interest, you can contact us:

We will be happy to answer all your questions! We are expecting you!

Become our new partner and make our success part of your business!

Join the big family of “Evropat”!