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Founded in 2005, the “Euroway-2000” JSC is a leading Bulgarian companies in the market of courier services in Bulgaria. In 10 years of its existence, the company was able to offer its customers the possibility to send and receive parcels to the Balkan region, Europe and the world.

The company specializes in document delivery and small parcels, pallets and cargo Express, a non-palletized cargo in big weight.

Trusted courier at any point of the country

Our offices are based in all regional cities and in many smaller towns in the country. The activity served with transport perfectly built logistics network, enabling us to deliver every shipment on the day following its sending.

Keep constant contact with the customer, through our online center operating 24 hours, 7 days a week, enabling clients at any time to track in real time the location of their consignment. This is another guarantee that we are able to provide fast and reliable transport solutions for all our customers. Working with a huge range of businesses, enterprises and citizens, we have gained expertise in providing cost-effective distribution solutions for both small package and palletized loads.

Management solutions cargo outside the country to meet your requirements

With a wide range of services in the Balkan region, Europe and the world, we are always able to find the best transport solution to your requirements. In terms of the best possible prices and terms of delivery, carry out delivery of parcels to and from Romania, Turkey and Greece. Through our global network of partners – logistics providers, we can provide fast and reliable delivery to anywhere in the world.

The focus on the customer and freight management

With investments in the latest technology and trained by European standards team, we always know where each consignment at any moment and where is each one of our courier.

Our customers are very important to us and we have built their reputation by offering personalized service to each of them.

We offer a wide range of additional services to deliver items, including personal element for each client. Every client becomes our active partner. Together with we refine the determinations of the volume, manner, timing, control and supply conditions.

In our internet platform will find all relevant information on: calculation of consignments opportunity for Cargo Express, Pallet Services (Euro pallet and pallet unusual), a large set of additional and optional services: Hybrid mail, Cash, Priority delivery Declared value receipt, Return of supporting documents, Super Express Intraday, International Express, purchase of goods, Rent of a cooler, Delivery of shipments of non-scheduled service, parcel delivery outside the tariff “Open before you pay.”

If you want to get more information about some of the services we offer, or if you wish to discuss with us your requirements for delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or tel. 0700 10 717.

the team of the “Evropat-2000” JSC