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We inform you that as of 01.11.2020 г. Evropat updates the tariff for delivery of documents and parcels to / from any settlement in Romania.

You can get familiar with the new price list here.

For shipments to our northern neighbor, delivery will be made keeping with the following additional conditions:
1. Payment for the courier service is made by the sender on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or by the applicant of the shipment from Romania to Bulgaria.
2. Prohibited for transport are: flammable and toxic / explosives, weapons, ammunition, drugs, valuables, gold, silver, money, live animals or other goods, materials and valuables prohibited by law.
3. The weight of an indivisible unit of shipment must not exceed 50 kg. Maximum length of the package – 175 cm. Maximum dimensions: length + height + width = less than or equal to 240 cm.
4. Shipments are charged at a tariff weight that is higher than the actual or volumetric weight. The volumetric weight is calculated by the formula VG = a,b,c/ 6000 (total length [cm] x total width [cm] x total height [cm] / 6000).
5. The maximum admissible declared value of a shipment is BGN 2,000. For the transport of consignments with a declared higher than the indicated amount, the sender must consult in advance with a representative of Evropat.
6. The delivery of a shipment to Romania is „from door to door“, the shipment is delivered to the recipient on the ground floor of the building indicated for address.
7.Questions about the conditions of transportation of shipments from Romania to Bulgaria can be made by email: or through the contact form published on the site
8. Delivery time of shipments up to 2-3 working days.

The delivery of shipments from Bulgaria to settlements on the territory of the Republic of Romania is carried out according to the General Terms and Conditions of Evropat-2000 JSC, posted on the site

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