forbidden“We make things possible!” only when they are lawful. In the lines below you will see which shipments are prohibited for acceptance.

The following items and substances are prohibited in postal shipments:

– Narcotic, concealing, psychotropic, potent and poisonous substances
– Weapons, explosives, incendiary or other dangerous substances or objects
– Indecent or contrary to moral norms objects
– Objects and substances which due to their nature or package pose a danger to the life or health of courier employees or to other persons, or may contaminate or damage other items and postal equipment
– Religious materials of sects and organizations prohibited or unregistered in the country
– Movable cultural monuments, for which no permit has been issued and/or certificate
– Excise goods, for which a document for paid excise duty is not attached according to the Bulgarian legislation.
– In courier shipments, except for shipments with declared value, consumers are not allowed to place coins, banknotes, currency, travel checks, items, representing value to the sender, platinum, gold, silver, worked or unworked precious stones and other valuables
Every shipment, except the factory packed ones, is packed in the presence of an employee of Evropat.
Evropat has the right to inspect a shipment in case of suspicion of prohibited articles or substances embedded in it, in the presence or with the written consent of the sender. In case of refusal or no answer, the employee of the company has the right to refuse the acceptance of the shipment or notify the prosecution for verification by the competent authorities, if the shipment has already been accepted.